The progressive rock metal band CAST OF MIND was officially founded in 2011, however, the name itself needed rather extra time to take shape and finally, having been agreed by all the band members, crystalized into its present form after more than a year. The band´s founding members Lukas Musil, guitarist, and Vratislav Patrman, bassist and vocalist, had already known each other for well over a decade before Cast of Mind was formed as they played together in now non-existing progressive metal band Sungrave in the 2000´s. Since the Sungrave´s brake-up in 2001 as well as some personal issues both of them teamed up again after some time and started working on new stuff. A drummer, Vasek Mada, joined the two forming members in spring 2011 and soon afterwards the band finally starts rehearsing already made songs and working hard on their final version. Although, the initial metal pounding roots are still preserved the band seems to have developed into more elaborate and sophisticated style, especially dominated by many both rhytmical and tonal changes. Cast of Mind´s first official album "The Crossroads" was both recorded and mixed in spring 2012 by a renowned metal producer, magician and, most of all, extremely helpful and dear friend, Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex Helloween). In the summer 2013 we parted our ways with Vasek (drums) mainly due to personal reasons. Jan Foltyn has joined Cast of Mind later this year. Finally we are complete.

Band members

Vrata Patraman - vocals & bass guitar

Lukas Musil - lead & rhythm guitar

Ota Sekl - drums

Marek Halama - rhythm guitars(gig guitar player)

Past members

Vaclav Mada - Drums

Jan Foltyn - drums